• Sulene Fleming

December Shows

December has been a lot of fun, A lot of travelling, performing around the UK and rehearsals.The Jazz Cafe,Cheshire Opera Grill house, Birmingham NEC ,Knightsbridge BH And The Heavies mini tour at Sheffield Foundry, Manchester Academy 2, Bristol Motion, London ULU.

Really loved the mini tour with The Heavies, each show had its own piece of magic,the crowds were so warming and fun we all had the best time.

Leroy Hutson to end December at the Jazz Cafe for two nights and such a privilege to sing along side this diamond man, Beautiful special timeless music and a true gentleman. A firing two nights with MD/drummer Nick Van Gelder, Dave Ital, Derek Chai,Kofi percussion discussion, Carl Hudson, Dominic Glover Andy Ross, and my good pal Mazen Bedwei also on backing duties.

Fantastic end to a great year.

#leroyhutson #sulenefleming

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