• Sulene Fleming

New release: Distant People

Hi lovely people!

I hope all that is good is happening for you. X

I have been keeping busy songwriting plus the day to day happenings of life.

I have a new track that is out this month with Joey Silvero of Distant People and its called ‘Come N Get It'. A little bit about Joey!

Coming from a vibrant UK Drum n Bass scene, Distant People caught the House music bug from working at a record store in the Midlands. Falling for the soulful side of the scene hard, Distant People had music signed to Defected, Seamless and Large Records and have continued to fly the soulful house flag now for over 10 years. In the grand tradition of the genre, ‘Come N Get It’ is deep, warm and musically diverse. Chunky acidic bass tones rub against rhodes chords and glorious summery piano.

Come N Get it will be out on the 24th of July on Future Spin Records on digital download!

Thank you! for all the support :) XX

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